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• Leading cause of lung cancer in non smokers
• 3200 Canadians die of Radon induced lung cancer every year
• Radioactive – Colourless – Tasteless – Odourless
• All homes have some level of Radon, what’s yours?

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Radon Gas is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas that is naturally present in the soil, it comes from the breakdown of radioactive uranium. Radon is present in 100% of homes, how much is in your home? The long term health effects of Radon exposure is lung cancer. Radon Gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non smokers. Testing your home is easy and inexpensive. Scroll down to find out more.

Radon Testing

DYI Long Term Radon Kit

DIY Long-Term Radon Kit

$59.99 + HST + Shipping

  • Alpha Track dosimeter
  • Instructions
  • Return Envelope
  • Friends and Family Discounts

Local Pick up at
Window World
120 Halifax St Moncton NB


Short Term Continuous Radon Monitor

Short-Term Continuous Radon Monitor

Short-term (4 Day) Radon Screening Assessment using Airthings Corentium Pro Continuous Radon Monitor. This device is used following the C-NRPP guidelines for Radon testing for Real Estate transactions. Health Canada recommends that the decision to mitigate for elevated Radon levels should be based on a long term Radon test of at least 91 days up to 12 months.

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Radon In-Home Monitor

Digital Radon Monitor

$179.00 + HST + Shipping

  • Certified Accurate for Home Owner Use
  • No Calibration Requirements
  • Not for use by Certified Professionals
  • Gives rolling 1 and 7 day average with long term average
  • All of our residential mitigation clients get one for free!