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Radon gas exposure is the Number 1 cause of lung cancer in Canadian non-smokers!  Radon is colourless, tasteless and odourless and is in every home in Canada.  24.8% of NB homes have high Radon levels.  Radon Repair can Reduce your Radon levels!

Radon Gas is a colorless, odorless gas that generates from the soil, is naturally occurring and it comes from the breakdown of uranium. It’s in every single home in the country, the question is how much of it is in your home? The long term health effects of this gas is lung cancer. Radon Gas is the #2 cause of lung cancer in Canada. The Lung Association right across Canada is heavily involved in awareness programs for this silent and deadly killer.

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Radon Repair Moncton

Radon Testing

DYI Long Term Radon Kit

DIY Long-Term Radon Kit

$50.00 + HST + Shipping

Includes Alpha track long term detector, return envelope and instructions. Also available with installation and retrieval service. Call for pricing.


Short Term Continuous Radon Monitor

Short-Term Continuous Radon Monitor

$300.00 + HST Greater Moncton Area

Radalink 3 day Radon Test. Health Canada recommends a long-term (90 day) test for determining mitigation. The Radalink monitor is used following the EPA guidelines for radon testing for real estate transactions.

Radon In-Home Monitor

Radon In-Home Monitor

$250.00 + HST + Shipping

Not a certified Radon measurement device. Gives short term (7 day) and long term measurements as long as it is plugged in. Useful in monitoring radon levels pre- and post-mitigation.