DYI Long Term Radon Kit

DIY Long-Term Radon Kit

$59.99 + HST + Shipping

  • Alpha Track dosimeter
  • Instructions
  • Return Envelope
  • Friends and Family Discounts
  • Analysis

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Short Term Continuous Radon Monitor

Short-Term Continuous Radon Monitor

Short-term (4 Day) Radon Screening Assessment using Airthings Corentium Pro Continuous Radon Monitor. This device is used following the C-NRPP guidelines for Radon testing for Real Estate transactions. Health Canada recommends that the decision to mitigate for elevated Radon levels should be based on a long term Radon test of at least 91 days up to 12 months.

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Radon In-Home Monitor

Digital Radon Monitor

$179.00 + HST + Shipping

  • Certified Accurate for Home Owner Use
  • No Calibration Requirements
  • Not for use by Certified Professionals
  • Gives rolling 1 and 7 day average with long term average
  • All of our residential mitigation clients get one for free!

Health Canada recommends that you test your home for a minimum of 90 days.

When testing for radon we are attempting to determine the amount of your yearly radiation exposure at home. Due to fluctuations in radon levels, it is important to test for long term in order to determine an average that is approximative to your yearly average. It is recommended that the 3 months of testing occurs during the heating season. If starting a long term test during spring/summer months we advise leaving the monitor in place for longer than the three month minimum.

Long term do it yourself kits are the most affordable method of testing. It will give you one number, which is your average exposure over the period of time tested. These are a one time test device.

Short Term testing –

2 day tests are only used for post mitigation to verify lowered levels.

4 days is the minimum requirement for a real estate transaction “Screening Assessment”. This is not considered a test as it is an assessment of the potential of the long term levels and it uses colour coded categories for results. Should only be conducted by a C-NRPP certified professional.

Digital monitors will give results within 24 hours, the longer they are left in place the closer the long term average is to the yearly average. Long term should be given more weight, short term results are to be taken as such. Devices do not have a calibration requirement. Recommend cross checking your electronic device against others on a regular basis and replacing as required. Certified professionals will use certified devices which will require yearly calibration requirements.