Radon Control Options for New Construction
Design and Installation By Radon Repair

Reduce Radon

Radon Ready Rough-in

Radon Repair will work with your builder to determine the sub slab collection pipe layout as well as the rough-in stub location to guarantee a successful activation with the lowest wattage fan for optimal energy use and exhaust location. This step does not achieve Radon reduction.

Reduce Radon

Passive Radon System

Radon Repair will extend the Radon rough-in through the interior of the home following the most direct route to the attic and through the roof plane. Passive system can easily be activated by a C-NRPP professional at a later date. (Requires electrical receptacle in attic). Passive systems may achieve up to 50%
indoor Radon reduction

Reduce Radon

Certified Radon Safe Active Radon System

Radon Repair will install an active sub slab depressurization system. This will include extending the Radon rough-in and installing a properly sized fan for maximum Radon reduction while minimizing the energy penalty. Includes communication testing and system optimization. Active systems may be roof exhaust or rim joist exhaust. Active systems achieve 90% or more indoor Radon reduction

DYI Long Term Radon Kit

DIY Long-Term Radon Kit

$60.00 + HST + Shipping

Includes Alpha track long term detector, return envelope and instructions. Also available with installation and retrieval service. Call for pricing.


Short Term Continuous Radon Monitor

Short-Term Continuous Radon Monitor

$300.00 + HST Greater Moncton Area

Short-term (4 Day) Radon Screening Assessment using Airthings Corentium Pro Continuous Radon Monitor. This device is used following the C-NRPP guidelines for Radon testing for Real Estate transactions. Health Canada recommends that the decision to mitigate for elevated Radon levels should be based on a long term Radon test of at least 91 days up to 12 months.

Radon In-Home Monitor

Radon In-Home Monitor

$179.00 + HST + Shipping

Not a certified Radon measurement device. Gives short term (7 day) and long term measurements as long as it is plugged in. Useful in monitoring radon levels pre- and post-mitigation.


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