Reducing Radon (Radon Mitigation)

What do I do after I test my home and get my results?

The Canadian guideline for radon in indoor air is 200 Bq/m3.

If you’ve tested your home, and the Radon concentration is above the Canadian guideline of 200 Bq/m3, Health Canada recommends that you take action to lower the concentrations. The higher the Radon concentrations, the sooner action should be taken to reduce levels to as low as practically possible.

While the health risk from Radon exposure below the Canadian guideline is small, there is no level that is considered risk free. It is the choice of each homeowner to decide what level of Radon exposure they are willing to accept.

Reduce Radon

Tested and Found High Radon Levels, What’s Next?

There are TWO very important steps to an optimal
Radon mitigation system.

Reduce Radon

1. Pressure Field Extension (PFE) Diagnostics and System Design

PFE Diagnostics or Communication Testing is a very important and sometimes neglected step in the mitigation process. We take your home environment seriously, we do not want to cause any negative impact on the rest of your home. We need to know that we can move enough air under the entire basement floor to make sure we get ALL of the Radon moving to the outside instead of into your basement. The other very important reason is so that we can properly size the fan. The biggest fan may remove the Radon but could cause issues with heat loss and depressurization. We will optimize the fan size and speed so that we are winning the battle against Radon with causing the least amount of heat loss and operational costs. We will be drilling a 5” core hole in the concrete floor with several 1/4″ test holes, locations will be discussed with home owner, in combination with Fantech’s PFED Kit to properly design your system. This process may also include installing air tight covers on open sumps and minor sealing of the concrete floor.

Reduce Radon

2. Installation of Active Sub Slab Depressurization Radon Mitigation System

All of the calculations and figuring completed in the first step enables our C-NRPP Certified Radon Mitigation Professionals to install a customized Radon mitigation system for your home. Radon Repair uses industry specific RadonX pipe and fittings from Ipex. We use rubber isolating supports and exhaust mufflers to reduce chances of vibration to the structure. Our systems include Fantech’s upgraded EC controlled in line Radon fans so that we are able to properly “dial-in” the system for optimal performance. All of our pipes are soap tested and installed according to the Canadian guidelines to prevent chances of re-entrainment of this carcinogenic gas. Our Systems include a 2 year warranty on all parts and labour as well as a 6 year warranty on our Fantech fans, when registered. We also offer service plans that will extend your warranty for up to 10 years. Each system we install comes with our Customized Radon Owner’s Manual, which will document the system install and explain to all present and future owners how the system operates as well as maintenance requirements.